FAQs - The Logo Designs Company faqThe websites and helplines of any organizations are often overcrowded by many clients asking various questions about the organization and other services.  As a result, FAQs are designed to give potential help to the customers by answering some of their questions without having to send an email or use the phone. FAQ stands for, Frequently Asked Questions.  They are compiled into collections of valuable information that is usually derived from the most common questions and their answers on various topics to ease the burden of the customer support line.

Writing an effective FAQ

The first step involves preparing the questions that are frequently asked.  The questions should be selected in a way that they are significantly related to the organization and the products/services, informative and aim at clarifying any doubts. The best-recommended approach is to start by simple questions that might be asked and gradually move to more complex questions. Also, conduct an online survey on what most customers would like to see, and one can also use the websites of other organizations to get the idea.

Once the questions have been stated, the next step is to provide the answers and ensure that they are relevant to the clients. To ensure that the information provided is effective, conduct an online survey to test whether the clients found the answers informative enough.  

Special considerations

It is advisable to put a disclaimer on the FAQ page e.g. mention that the information provided is accurate, but the organization cannot be held liable for any inconvenience caused.  Also, you can copyright the information given and specify the terms of use.

The FAQs play an essential role in attracting the right people to the website and provide a platform where they can learn more about the organization and its services. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the questions and answers are well analyzed e.g. by a user experience researcher to make sure that the purpose is achieved.